You Need a Truly Professional Company to Look After Your Emails

Net Quality Web Design Nottingham offers, among many other things, hosting for professional business email. Our email offerings allow our customers to access their emails using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and many other email programs. Email can also be simply integrated in Gmail whilst keeping your professional email address and can also be accessed on the web from any Internet enabled device.

Setting up and supporting email is a tricky business. We are so pleased that not only can we offer this service but we have many years experience in handling email, how to set it up and what to do when things go wrong.

As technology and the Internet advances many more people are becoming technically literate and computer savvy but the one area most people will have trouble with is email. And when it comes to email for business, this is absolutely vital.

One of the most common support calls we get here is "my email isn't working". That might sound like a surprising things for a web designer and host to admit so let me clarify why such calls are commonplace.

Email is reliant upon so many factors. As most email traffic is actually spam, these filters can cause real problems for people who want to send genuine emails. Also, some email clients are notoriously unreliable. One of the most unreliable and bizarrely one of the most popular is Microsoft Outlook. Password databases can become corrupted and downloading your emails becomes a pain or almost impossible. Such things are inevitable and what you really need is someone out there to help you resolve the problem.

Serious Businesses Need Serious Email Hosting

Email hosting is something which can be extremely cheap and even free. Free options such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail are fine, but having a business email address such as does not look entirely professional.

Do a quick web search for email hosting and you are presented with an amazing array of choices at prices that are unbelievably low. However, any problems are met with forms bing filled in on a support system and getting to speak to a human being is practically impossible.

If your Nottingham business is serious and email is important to you, then you need a host who can not only provide your email facilities but also offer proper support.

Net Quality Web Design Nottingham offer businesses email hosting with free local telephone support. Your business email is important and we know this. So whenever you need help, we always have a knowledgeable human being waiting on the end of a phone line to offer you real help.

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