How to protect your Small Business WebsiteStatistically it will happen to you

I was walking my 8 year old son home from school last week, when he confessed he wasn’t going to run anymore. When I asked him why not, he replied because if he did not run, he would not fall over, and if he did not fall over, he would never break any bones.

I laughed at this, and told him his job is to run, have fun, and not to worry too much about breaking bones. I also told him that children are exceptionally bouncy, and that even if he did fall he would more than likely get only a scratch, that it would hurt for a short while, and that he’d be right as rain and getting back to the joy of living before he knew it.

We continued talking, and I told him that I’d read the average person can expect to experience two fractures in their lifetime. I’d also read that the average person can expect to lose their wallet at least once in their lifetime, and then we arrived home and he ran off to his bedroom to play.

The next day I was called upon to help recover some data from one of my clients who had experienced a hard disk crash and which had resulted in the complete loss of their data. I now add this to my speech - the average person can expect to lose their data at least once in their lifetime UNLESS they protect themselves adaquately against this...

How to protect your Small Business and your Small Business Website

All the business websites created by us at Nottingham Website Design are backed up. We ensure we have copies of the static pages that make up the website, and also the data required to define the dynamic pages.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have dynamic pages. These are typically maintained by the client themselves via an administration interface from the website. The interface usually allows updates to the text, images and content of the pages, and even the creation, deletion and ordering of the pages themselves.

Depending on the frequency of the updates, the backups may be taken weekly, daily, or in the case of one of our clients, hourly. This ensures we always have the latest version and can provide the data on request.

There was therefore no problem in retrieving the text and images from their Business Website, and sending it in a zip file to their email address so they could recover all the information that had been uploaded to the site. They gratefully received the data, and were overjoyed that they did not have to obtain it again from various sources.

The problem was in the data that was not under the control of our Nottingham Website design interface. And this included the emails and contact list.

It did not end in disaster - the client had all mails from 2012 and all contacts stored on a smart-phone. I was therefore able to retrieve them from this device and import them into the message software used on their PC. Older mails however were lost for good.

After discussing various options, we agreed on a meeting next week to go over all their Small Business IT Disaster Recovery needs and how we at Net Quality Web Design can help. We design great Business Websites, but we also do so much more. We offer our experience in preparing for what statistically is going to happen to us all.

I will share the broader points from the outcome of the meeting with you in a future article. But for now, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your IT disaster recovery needs in order to protect your Small Business Webiste.

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