Five Reasons You Should Not Design Your Own Website in Dreamweaver

I read lots of blogs and forums for small business owners. Ever since I set up my Nottingham web design business in 2005, I have been interested in small businesses because I run one and also because they make up the vast majority of my customers.

Lots of people these days seem to be advocating small business owners, especially new start-ups, to design their own website. Top of the recommendations for software is Adobe Dreamweaver.

At first glance, such advice seems to make a lot of sense to the new business start-up. Budgets are tight and most of us now are Internet savvy so rely less on experts to get what we want. So designing your own website offers great savings as well as giving you complete control over what you do.

Buying software to do this also makes sense as this will do all the hard work for you and within a few hours you can design yourself a website that will look just as good as, if not better than, anything a professional web designer could come up with.

But the truth is far from this. Now I expect you are not surprised I have said this. I am a professional web designer and I have a vested interest in steering you towards the services of Net Quality Web Design Nottingham rather than going to Amazon or Ebay to buy a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver. But here are my reasons why I think this is the case:

1. We Design Objectively For Your Customers

You will want to present your business in the best light and will design the website in the look that you want and include the information you want to tell your customers. If you come to us, we can design your website with your customers in mind. We can take all the information and text you want to get over but present it in a way that fulfills your customers' needs and therefore fulfills your business objectives.

2. Dreamweaver Could Be More Expensive

At the time of writing this article, Adobe Dreamweaver costs £327.04 on Amazon, discounted from £361.20. Our website packages start from just £195 and within that price, we are doing all the work for you. If you use Dreamweaver you have to invest your own time as well as your own money.

3. Use Our Experience

When engaging Net Quality to create your website for you, you don't just get a website. You also get our years of experience in designing websites and optimising them for the search engines. We have lots of experience in knowing what works and what does not work. You would miss out on this if you designed your own website.

4. Your Time Is Precious

I am not very good at DIY. If I were to put up some shelves in my house, it would take me many hours and the end result would be shoddy. I think I am better off spending that time earning money doing what I do best and paying someone else who is good at putting up shelves to do what they do best.

The same goes for your website. Devote your time to running and marketing your business and leave the website to us.

5. Technically it is Very Poor

This is the hardest of all the reasons to prove. But as Dreamweaver does all the hard work for you, for every small change you make, it spews out lots of code to make the website work.

We are experts in creating such code and as we are humans, we can make it very efficient. Dreamweaver sites are very inefficient under the bonnet.

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