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Today I received an unsolicited email. This in itself is not surprising - Wikipedia quotes the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group 2010 findings which shows between 88% and 92% of all received emails is unsolicited and considered as spam. I tend to delete the majority of my spam emails, without even opening them, however this one caught my eye and I read it carefully.

The subject of the email was directly addressed to one of our Nottingham Web Design clients who offers her services as a personal shopper. It was sent to one of her Internet site’s forwarding address that we have been asked to manage, and so I was able to read the message.

After a brief introduction, the email explained that they would be happy to sell the domain name www.personalshopping.fr along with the ready-made Internet site already at this address for the sum of 1000€. They justified this price by stating that their site appears on the first page of results in Google for the search term “personal shopping”, and that it would be beneficial to my client to “leap-frog” into a highly ranked position.

At first I was troubled by this. As a Nottingham based Web Designer part of my tasks is to bring my experience in Search Engine Optimisation to all of our clients. I spend a lot of time keeping abreast of the latest best practices and various techniques to ensure I know how to get a Web Design to appear on the first page of Google (or as high a listing as possible). Therefore if they had managed to beat me I should be concerned.

I clicked the link and found their website. It was obviously a generic one with the sole goal of appearing high within Google for that specific search term. I then went to Google and entered the search time “personal shopping” and confirmed that their Internet site did in fact appear on the first page of results.

I was beginning to feel uneasy and more and more upset that I had let down one of our clients. I then glanced through the results ABOVE their proposed web site sale and saw our client listed. Our client’s Internet Website was performing better than theirs...!

During the website creation, the Internet site code had been hand-crafted by our experts, and like all our Small Business Website Designs, it had passed through our Search Engine Optimisation process. This resulted in targeting specific agreed key phrases for high placements in Google. The outcome of this is indubitable and can be seen by the high performance of the Internet site for various search terms within Google.

The most ironic thing - “personal shopping” was not one of our agreed targeted key phrases. However our Search Engine Optimisation techniques and expertise has unquestionably paid off resulting in the offer of the purchase of the domain name being turned down. The shark-like scare-tactics of trying to make 1000€ from SEO was ignored.

For any information on Search Engine Optimisation or on any part of our Nottingham Website Design process, please contact us. We are more than ready to offer our services and expertise in order to help you and your Small Business. Call us today on  0115 963 6589 or 0115 727 0345 to see how we can help you.

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