Healthy Web Design in Nottingham

Do not worry - this is not going to be a long article lecturing about the latest fads in health kicks, but I do want to share with you some thoughts about staying healthy. Being healthy means being more efficient in all areas of our life, and I know that when I feel wholesome and good with myself, work is easier and produces better results.

This has been prompted by an article a friend sent to me, with the attention grabbing headline of "Lunchtime health risk: How that quick sandwich at your desk can double your risk of DVT". I personally find this a form of cheap journalism which is aimed at shocking people without producing  any facts and the article does not provide any real, meaningful statistics to put the headline in context. However, there is a part of the piece that I agree with.

I spend a lot of the day sitting down designing web sites for Nottingham based Small businesses. I find it all too easy to say I will go for a walk later or to say I will go to the gym tonight. In fact, there is almost a guilty feeling attached to any time spent NOT producing web designs for our Nottingham clients – I instinctively believe that I should spend every minute of every day coming up with the very best design for whatever web project I am working on. However this is not always a good thing.

Healthy Web Design in Nottingham

I find I stay at my desk during lunchtime. Or at best I may go for a short walk, but soon find myself rushing back to get back to the web design process. However I have decided to try and change this, starting this week. I am forcing myself to walk for at least 20 minutes every lunchtime. It is not much, and as such I find it is easily achievable, and already (after only 3 days)  I feel better.

The benefits are shared between me and my Nottingham web clients. In the afternoon, after the walk, my mind is more focused, and I am able to complete my work more efficiently. A small change in my personal working ethic and the efficiency and delivery has increased. Small changes can really make big differences…

Image: © Nevit Dilmen

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