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We are constantly being bombarded with marketing methods to make us spend money. Many people consider the ultimate marketing technique is to create consumer desire that previously did not exist. Methods are becoming increasingly aggressive and the manners in which products are being portrayed are becoming more and more distorted.

Yesterday I experienced a concrete example of these increasingly devious marketing methods at my local supermarket. I needed to buy some washing up liquid. This is not a product I buy weekly, and so I am probably more open to making an unintelligent purchase.

When I found the aisle, I was confronted with a dazzling array of choice and with large signs containing the call to action of “Buy me”. One of the first that caught my eye was one of the biggest and brashest - colour and size obviously attracts my eyes.

This particular sign advertised in large letters “Buy 2 for only £3.30, normal price £1.90” next to the 740ml bottles whereas the 650ml bottles were advertised with a discreet sign at £1.40. There is a lot of information here, and this is the basis of the cunning approach used by the supermarket.

My eye and brain were drawn to the large sign and instinctively made the comparison - one bottle is £1.90 so two would be £3.80 therefore the supermarket is offering me a saving of 50p. The television advertising is true and the supermarket really is trying to help me with my budget. In my mind the idea that buying two large bottles is a bargain was already fixed.

Then I started to compare the other prices. I saw the smaller bottle at £1.40, quickly calculated that two of them would be £2.80, which is less than the £3.30, however I would have less in quantity, so the bargain was still a bargain.

Even so, there was something wrong with succumbing to over-brash advertising and I decided to do the maths and work it out properly. I dug out my telephone and used the calculator. The “bargain” of two 740ml bottles for £3.30 works out at £2.23 / litre whereas the discretely advertised normal price of one 650ml bottle at £1.40 works out at £2.15 / litre. The price information was correct, but portrayed in a misleading manner aimed at duping the customers.

Here at Net Quality Web Design Nottingham, our packages, prices and quotes are clearly and plainly expressed. We pride ourselves as Nottingham Web Design experts that all of our business websites, whether for Small Businesses Website users or for larger Business Website users, offer great value for money. You can see our Nottingham Business website prices and we are happy to explain them in detail.

I was lucky with my supermarket shopping trip. I had the time, the patience, the opportunity and the peace and quiet to work out the figures. The result is that I bought two of the smaller 650ml bottles. In another situation where I would have been rushed, with my children, talking on the telephone or just thinking about work, I would have been more than likely swayed by the marketing and bought the “bargain”.

When you compare what we offer, and the price at which it is offered, with the “true” price and not the “bargain” prices of other web design agencies in and around the Nottingham area, we know we offer a great service. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free business website quote and we will explain the “true” cost of your website...

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