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As a web designer in Nottingham, I have viewed, analysed and created many different business websites. The result is that I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to give a simple answer to the question of “What makes a great Business Website Design?” However, I have also come to the conclusion that all great business websites share at least one common quality - they give visitors what they want.

There are many different elements to this, but by subtly changing the question to “How can my business website give customers what they want?” it changes the focus and shows some interesting results.

At Net Quality Web Design Nottingham, we know how to create great business websites. I started to learn how to get a business online in 2002 and the founder of Net Quality Web Design first began to help how to create business websites in Nottingham back in 1998. This equates to many years of experience, and to many years of knowing what exactly makes a great business website design.


Ok - “How can my business website give customers what they want?”

Originally I used to spend hours worrying over the colours and the hidden meanings of what they represented. I used to write the contents for the various menu options and then stay up late at night reading and re-reading them until they became a blur. I used to continually try and reduce the number of clicks to get to the relevant information and to come up with the ultimate navigation structure. However all these tasks become less important when the question “How can my business website give customers what they want?” is asked.

In my experience, the answer to this question is almost always a solution to their problem.

Here at Net Quality Web Design Nottingham, we have a great solution to get your business online, with a low cost professional web design for only £395, but we know that this solution may not appeal to all, so there is also a complete and stylish web design starter solution for only £195 or for those who want more from their business website design, we also provide a fully updatable content management solution for small businesses for only £795


Business Websites should give solutions to visitor's problems

The other factors are important to the business website design, but they are less important and not worth spending an inordinate amount of time over. All of them should be geared towards one thing, and one thing only - to provide the solution to the visitor.

The colours should be clear and enable easy reading; salient points should be emphasized and brought to the visitor’s attention by a change of colour or by being displayed in bold; the text should be presented in short, easy to understand sentences facilitating scanning and arriving to the most interesting point for that particular visitor; and the web site navigation should be intuitive, simple, and enable the quickest route to the information that the visitor is most interested in.

If a visitor finds a solution to his problem on your business website, he will almost certainly become a customer.

This is true for any industry: we get visitors to our Net Quality Web Design Nottingham website by people wanting to get their business online; visitors to an online travel agency are looking to go on holiday for an affordable price; the people who browse the clothes online e-commerce websites are wanting to look good on a Friday night; and even visitors to the government website to pay their taxes on-line are looking to get a painful chore over and done with as quickly as possible.

By demonstrating that you provide the best solution to the visitor’s problem, you will maximize the chance of doing business with him. After all, he is not interested in your product, but in your solution to his problem. Contact us today to find out how our experience in web site design and our range of Internet solutions will resolve your business problems...

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