Cheap Template or Expensive Bespoke Web Design?

But my question is, "does bespoke web design have to be expensive?". I must say, there are days when I am glad that I am a web designer. Not just because it is a job that I enjoy and one at which I am very good, but because if I were in a different business, I would find choosing a web designer so difficult.

Not only are there a wide array of prices and services, there are many different kinds of websites and you cannot always be sure what you are getting for your money. So what type of website is it best to go for?

Template Websites

This is a phrase that covers so many possibilities. However, in general it means that your website will not be designed from scratch. It will use a layout and colour scheme that is used on many other websites. Your website is differentiated by adding your own logo and photos and possibly by tweaking certain colours and design styles. The advantage of this method can be that it is much cheaper than bespoke web design. However, this is not necessarily the case. Some web designers do not tell you that they are using template websites and charge you a lot for it. So there is no way of knowing, unless you spot the design elsewhere.

Bespoke Web Design

This is what we do at Net Quality. We start from scratch and hand-code your website to be unique to your business and to look and work exactly as you want it. We are not bound by restrictions placed on you by using a template.

That is not to say that we will not follow certain conventions. No matter how unique you want your website to be, it must also be useful to use. Therefore menus will always appear in certain expected places and sub-menus will pop out exactly where you expect them to be. Unique is one thing but stopping your customers from finding what they want is quite another.

Designing websites in this way also means we can ensure they are readable by the search engines and also that they will work in all modern browsers including those browsers included on portable media such as smart-phones and tablet PCs.

But the best is yet to come. We can design a bespoke website for you with prices starting at just £395. So call us today and see how we can help get your business online.

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