Or... What is the Cheapest Way to Get My Business On The Internet?

There have been many adverts on TV recently advertising the services of 1 and 1's website building software. It makes it look so easy to get your business online at a low cost without the need to pay for an expensive web designer.

If your small business is short of cash and you have plenty of time on your hands, it is actually a very good way of  creating a website for your business. In fact it is a method we support so much that we are creating our own version of an online website builder.

Why Would a Web Designer Recommend Online Website Creation Software?

It seems daft you might think that we would even consider recommending something that provides us with competition. But I see nothing wrong in competition. Competition is good for the consumer and keeps all suppliers on their toes. Competition is also a sign that you are operating in the right market. There is an old adage that the worst type of business to be in is one that is gaining an increasing share of a shrinking market. So the more competition there is, the better the market that you are in.

But I have another reason for saying this is OK. I believe there is room for both automatic website creation software as well as professional web designers. You may notice that I said earlier that online website building is fine for those of you with plenty of time on your hands but most of us small business owners have very little time to spare.

That is the time when you should be seeking the services of a professional to take away all the worries and strains of creating the right type of website for your business and more importantly, to relieve you of the time required to get it right.

For example, I am not very good at DIY but I am good at building websites. Therefore, when required., I would much prefer to employ the services of a decorator or a plumber to work for me so that they can do a great job in something they have a lot of experience. I can then spend the time it would have taken me to design websites and earn enough money doing what I am good at in order to pay them.

Competition is All About Choice

So the choice is yours. If you have the time then you can save the money but if you do not have the time, you can save yourself and your small business a lot of grief by choosing the right web designer.

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