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When I started designing websites in Nottingham back in 2006, there was already a healthy number of Web Designers for local businesses to choose from. Some of those Web Design Agencies are still with us, but many are not.

Five years on and I estimate that the number of Web Designers in Nottingham has increased at least five-fold. As many have fallen by the wayside this must mean that the number of brand new Web Designers out there must be enormous.

What surprises me is that this has not had a significant effect on my business nor of the incomes of other Web Designers I know.

So how can this be?

Whilst it is true that many more businesses in Nottingham want a new website, this cannot account for such an enormous increase in the number of developers out there.

I think there is another reason:

Transitory Professions

The truth is, that Web Design should be a recognised profession such as an accountant or a solicitor. However, anyone can set themsleves up as a Web Designer.

In fact, it is very easy. If you are computer literate, there are many sites out there that teach you how to create your own website. You can learn the basics of HTML in less than a day. You can create even better looking websites by using open source content management systems such as Joomla or Wordpress.

These tools allow you to set yourself up as a Web Designer from zero knowledge to supposed expert in a matter of days.

However, in order to provide a service truly useful to businesses in Nottingham, you need many more skills than this. You need to understand the needs and objectives of the business, how to optimise websites for the search engines and also to understand how users interact with websites to make them truly useful.

And I think there comes a time of realisation in any Web Designer's career where this makes or breaks them. My observation is that it often breaks them.

Many Web Designers are transitory. Much of the new business I have obtained is due to thet business's designer retiring, getting another job or in some cases, simply disappearing!

So choose your Web Designer well. The portfolios of many show only one or two websites which have often been created for free. Seek a designer with a large porfolio with sites that look good and work well and this reduce the risk of getting stuck with a fly-by-night designer who leaves your business struggling in today's Internet driven world.

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