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It is the credit crunch that has made me think about this. Anyone who has started a new business will tell you that the most difficult part is promoting that business.

It matters not how good your product or service is if nobody knows about it.

The same is coming true for existing businesses. As we are all struggling with the economic down-turn, we need to find ways of replacing lost business. So now most business owners in Nottingham are turning their thoughts towards advertising.

There are many choices for advertising and many of these are expensive and ineffective. The ideal is to find something inexpensive but effective. You should also measure business expenses in terms of good or bad value rather than expensive or cheap. So an expensive option that is effective and brings a good return on investment is also a good option to choose.

Fortunately, there is one method we have in the modern age that is both inexpensive and effective:

Your Own Website

Firgures vary but it is estimated that up to 50% of British businesses do not have a website. Many consider it low priority but some consider it totally unnecessary.

I suppose that is true. It is not necessary for your business to have a website... that is if you want your business to fail or at best, struggle to succeed.

Your website sits there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year promoting your business for you. If you actively promote your site by optimising it for the search engines (more to come on this in later articles) then you gain an edge on your competitors.

So the time has come, the Internet has come of age and it is time for all business owners in Nottingham to get their own website, and it has never been easier!

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