What Did You Do To Get My Website onto Google?

Often when I review websites with existing customers of my Web Design Nottingham service, part of that review is to see how well the website is doing on the search engines. As Google is the most important search engine, we always look there first.

Customers often pay little attention as to how well their website is doing in the search engines and are often pleasantly surprised when I show them where they are. It is always satisfying to see your business's website appear on page one of the search results, especially when it is for a competitive business term with millions of competitors.

So when I show them this, a common question I am asked is "what did you do to get us on page 1?". This question is often accompanied with a knowing wink as if to say "you have some little tricks up your sleeve don't you?". Well the answer to that is yes and no.

What You Cannot Control in Google

The fact is, I could take lots of credit for seemingly miraculous results in the search engines and could probably pocket quite a lot of money on the way. But the truth is, that any website that has enough well written content on the subject matter in hand has the potential to appear on page 1. Google use an ever-changing set of algorithms to decide who to put on page 1 and despite whatever flash salesmen might tell you, you have little control over that.

I read a phrase today (apparently an old and famous phrase) which read "90% of success is about showing up". Much the same could be said for your business on the search engines. The simple fact that you have a website is the biggest step you can take towards ending up on page 1. The only thing that is certain is that you will not have any success on the search engines if you do not have a website.

What You Can Control in Google

When it comes to search engine optimisation there is one truth that has always been and will always remain true. Search Engines want relevant content and lots of it. They also want to see that the rest of the world finds you content to be relevant. So they read your website and they read other websites that link into you and use that to determine how important you are and how high you will appear in the search results.

There are many tricks you can use to try and fake your way onto the results pages but these are often short-lived.

Remember: the search engines are getting cleverer by the day. A trick that works today might not necessarily work tomorrow.

So if you are serious about your website being good for your business, start today by getting a website for your business and take the time to fill it with lots and lots of relevant content. You might just be surprised at the results! And we promise not to take any credit for it. But...

Net Quality Web Design Nottingham for the best Search Engine Results

What we do for your website is that we hand-code them to be as readable as possible to the search engines. We do this to enhance the quality of the content in your website. Your website will not do well unless it has good content but putting it in a readable format for the search engines is important. And we will take credit for that!

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