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I have just finished a great meeting with a new client from Nottingham for an E-commerce Web Design.
I admire anyone starting off in business, and so want to do my best to help him with my professional skills and experience, in both a technical and artistic capacity. His business plan looks solid, and before breaking for lunch, I want to share some of the discussions relating to the first few steps in how we are going to create his E-commerce Internet design.

Designing an E-commerce Website Design

All our E-commerce Websites utilise the same database and back office system - it is a tried and tested solution that we, and our many clients, know works. However all of our E-commerce designs are different - each is unique and is developed with the individual business in mind to ensure it fits exactly into their business model and that it completely covers their business’s distinctive needs.

In general, there are 3 different approaches, depending on the personality of the person.

The first type of person has definite ideas of the look and feel of their business website. The most extreme example I have met is someone who gave me Photoshop files which he wanted reproducing exactly for his website. These files included pixel-precise layout details, and I was to use the exact graphics, logos and colour choices from them. In some ways, this made the task easier as it removed all necessary tasks relating to the creation and artistic re-work of the website design, although in some ways it was more frustrating as there no creative freedom and I did not necessarily agree 100% with the graphic choices the client had made.

The second type of person has no idea of the layout they require for their business website design. Again, the most extreme example I have met is someone who had no ideas for their logo, no ideas for the colour scheme of the website design and no ideas of what images he wanted to represent his business. This was an artistic challenge. The creation time was obviously a little longer as I had no items to start with at all. However the reward was an immense pride in that the design was 100% my own and that the client found it presented his business in exactly the manner he had imagined.

The third person is somewhere between the two others, which is the most common type of person. Here I can bring my experience and artistic skills to the table and either enhance existing layout ideas or suggest better alternatives.

So how do you design an E-commerce Website Design?

Everyone has their own creation techniques. What works best for me is to talk to the client and get him to explain his business. The most important is that he describes his vision of the business and paints a picture. From this, I can narrow it down to colours, feelings and images, and try and present his organisation on the Internet in a way that matches how he sees the organisation in his head.

This individual approach coupled with a desire to understand each unique business is what makes our websites such good value. Every website design is one of a kind and exclusive to the specific business requirements of each client. Why not look how our Nottingham Website Designs have helped provide the perfect Internet presence for many businesses. We are always available to discuss how our skills and professional experience can get your small or medium sized business online.

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